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Get surrounded by the dazzling white and the vast blue of one of the most unique islands in the world

Santorini awaits

meet the cycladic beauty

Villa Hippolyte

Comfortable, convenient, relaxing, and private describes the charming holiday Villa Hippolyte


The island of the winds

You can experience everything you want, as much as you want it, as much as you can handle it. Everything is nearby, just beside you, you only make the choice… You simply choose to come to Mykonos

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when luxury meets privacy

Villa Brisa

Following an environmentally sustainable framework, Villa Brisa showcases contemporary interiors enhanced with touches of nature and Italian accents

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Villa Elva

Located near Myrtos Beach, Villa Elva is a newly built property, a true ambassador of Kefalonian traditional architecture

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Explore the Athenian Riviera

Villa Irida

Indulge in the watery oasis of the Athenian Riviera, diving in the refreshing waters and enjoying the Greek sunshine

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