Villa Kallirhoe

  • 10 Guests

  • 5 Bedrooms

  • 4 Bathrooms

  • 2 Fully Equipped Kitchens

  • Dining Room

  • Living Room

  • Fully Air-Conditioned

  • High-Speed Wi-Fi Connection

  • LCD TV

  • Dishwasher

  • Washing Machine

  • Private Garden

  • Barbeque

  • Parking

The gorgeous holiday Villa Kallirhoe

Located at the west part of Greece a beautiful, private estate with spectacular views, beautifully landscaped grounds surrounded by sea and sky, provides the perfect setting for a truly unforgettable experience.

Kallirhoe's Description

Villa Kallirhoe is situated right on the most beautiful beachfront of this area. This beautiful Villa kisses the sea in a quiet small gulf, built in 2005 in a field of 2.000 sq.m. The Villa is a luxury property, fully furnished and tastefully decorated. It offers an excellent sea view in front and a magnificent mountain view in back. This combination of sea and mountain gives a very pleasure climate ideal for relaxation.

There are totally five bedrooms (one master 45 sq.m with fireplace), four bathrooms and two fully equipped kitchens. Ten persons can be comfortably hosted.

The sea is just 5 meters from front yard's limit. Front yard is 700 sq.m filled with grass while the rear yard is 500 sq.m, also covered with grass, an old well and barbeque facilities with dining place for more than twenty persons.

Nearby Villa Kallirhoe

Τhe property is just 13 kms away from city of Nafpaktos, famous for the smaller in Mediterranean Venetian harbor. There, you can find wide range of general and local products, gas stations, first aid, pharmacies, doctors, shopping and athletic centers like tennis and nautical club. It is nearby well known beaches of Psani and Gribovo, where chic cafes and restaurants, offers a unique taste of well being. Among these, residence is a fine selection to be the ideal base for exploring famous Greek cultural sites like– the beautiful Neo-Classical town of Galaxidi (20 min drive), Oracle of Delphi (1h drive), Ancient Olympia (2h drive), island of Trizonia (10 min sailing with boat), and the beloved for its local delicacies Arachova Village, on the upper slope of ancient mount Parnassus (1h drive).

How to reach Nafpaktos

From Athens International Airport (ATH): Athens International Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos" is located in Spata, 33 km southeast of Athens, and at a distance of approximately 240 km from Nafpaktos. Nafpaktos is connected with Athens by the national roads (Athens-Korinthos “E94”) and (Korinthos-Patra “E65”). Just 8 km before the city of Patra, there is an interchange that leads to the Rio-Antirio cable-stayed bridge which connects Peloponnese with Central Greece. After passing the bridge, Nafpaktos city is only few minutes by car.

From Italy (by ferry): Nafpaktos is 20 km far away from Port of Patras, which is the major port in the Western part of Greece, connecting Greece with Italy. There are numerous operating companies departing from Venice, Ancona, Bari and Brindisi.

From Araxos National Airport (GPA): Araxos National Airport covers the needs of charter flights. The airport lies 40 km southwest of the city of Patras. During summer, several charter flights from European Countries offer weekly flights to Araxos.

Explore the beautiful Nafpaktos

Nafpaktos is the capital city of Nafpaktia region in the Prefecture of Aetoloakarnania, with a history of more than 3.500 years. It’s built amphitheatrically on the side of a hill, which lies on the sea opposite to Peloponnese between Delphi and Messologi. The rich history of Nafpaktos is reflected on two fabulous monuments, the Venetian castle and the Venetian port. At the eastern tower there is the old lighthouse and the Fethiye Tzami of 1499. Your attention will also be drawn by the chapel of Profitis Elias, the tower clock, as well as the remnants of the ottoman bath.

History of Nafpaktos

In Greek legend, Naupactus is the place where the Heraclidae built a fleet to invade the Peloponnese. In historical times it belonged to the Ozolian Locrians; but about 455 BC, in spite of a partial resettlement with Locrians of Opus, it fell to the Athenians.

From the late 9th century, probably the 880s, it was capital of the Byzantine thema of Nicopolis. At the same time, its bishopric was elevated to a metropolis. During the 9th–10th centuries, the town was an important harbour for the Byzantine navy and a strategic point for communication with the Byzantine possessions in southern Italy. In 1361 the town was captured by the Catalans of the Duchy of Athens. In 1376 or 1377 it fell to the Albanians under John Bua Spata. Apart from a brief occupation by the Knights Hospitaller in 1378, Naupactus remained in Albanian hands until 1407, when Paul Spata, wedged between the expanding lands of the Count of Cephalonia Carlo I Tocco and the Ottoman possessions, sold the town to the Republic of Venice.

Under the Ottomans, Naupactus was known as İnebahtı and was the seat of a Turkish province, the Sanjak of İnebahtı. The mouth of the Gulf of Lepanto was the scene of the great sea battle in which the naval power of the Ottoman Empire was nearly completely destroyed by the united Papal, Spanish, Habsburg and Venetian forces (Battle of Lepanto, October 7, 1571). In 1687 it was recaptured by the Venetians, but was again restored to the Ottomans in 1699, by the Treaty of Karlowitz. It became part of independent Greece in March 1829.


Located close to the port square of Nafpaktos, Tower of Botsaris is the most interesting museum of the city. The tower was built in the 15th century and used as a residence of the Turkish governors. Nowadays the tower works as a museum and hosts items from the Greek War of Independence and the Battle of Lepando in 1571.

Nafpaktos’ Beaches

The nearest beach to the city of Nafpaktos is the beach in front of the Old Port. Gribovo and Psani are organized beaches, in walking distance from Nafpaktos city center. In Gribovo you can find fish taverns and some family hotels. Platanitis and Monastiraki beaches are both in less than 15 Km distance from Nafpaktos. Platanitis is a nice calm beach between Nafpaktos and Antirrio which gives great view of the Bridge Rio-Antirrio, while Monastiraki is surrounded by delicious fish taverns.

Gastronomy, Shopping and Nightlife

In city of Nafpaktos you can find a lot of family taverns located at the port of Nafpaktos. You can also find nice fish taverns in Psani and Gribovo beaches and lovely restaurants in close seaside villages, like Monastiraki and Hiliadou.

The most popular nightlife spot of Nafpaktos is the port, lined up with nice cafe bars that stay till late and play soft music. Below the castle, there are two nice bars with night view to Nafpaktos and Patra cities.

Price per Rental Period

January 1 – May 31 € 3,000 per week
June 1 – September 30 € 3,500 per week
October 1 – December 31 € 3,000 per week

Villa's Policy

• Security Deposit: 1.000 €

• Change of sheets & towels twice a week

• Towels or linens are not to be taken from the Property

• Smoking is allowed outside only

• Pets are permitted only with prior approval

• Approval for rent and controlled by National Tourism Organization (EOT)

• ΕΟΤ ΜΗΤΕ: 1354Κ10000235201