Villa Alkmene

  • 10 Guests

  • 4 Bedrooms

  • 3 Bathrooms

  • 1 WC

  • 2 Fully Equipped Kitchens

  • Dining Room

  • Living Room

  • Fully Air-Conditioned

  • High-Speed Wi-Fi Connection

  • Audio System

  • LCD TV

  • Washing Machine

  • Private Garden

  • Swimming Pool

  • Parking

The beachfront holiday Villa Alkmene

Halfway from Chora to Mylopotas down to a private road leading to a secluded beach you will find the luxury Villa Alkmene behind the gated entrance. It is a two storey Villa built with stones that combines traditional architecture with contemporary minimal design.

Alkmene’s Description

On the upper floor the white wooden ceiling maintains the Cycladic style of the house while the handmade ceramic tales ground you and give the feeling of the earth. There is an open plan living area with a comfortable lounge space with fireplace, a massive wooden dining area and a high end full equipped corian kitchen. The stylish living area is a combination of Cycladic features and minimal design. On the upper floor there is an independent master bedroom with double bed, satellite TV and ensuite bathroom with shower cabin. A second bedroom with double bed and a third one with twins are on the same floor sharing a bathroom with tub. There is also a guest WC with washing machine on the same floor. Two extra persons can sleep in sofa beds in the living area.

The upper floor is equipped with pool, clima A/C, satellite TV, DVD player, Wi-Fi and a lap top.

Large terraces with fantastic sea views are all around this beautiful house where you can enjoy a fresco outdoors dining or relax and gaze at the big blue. There is also a nice share swimming pool with fantastic sea views on the courtyard of the Villa.

On the ground floor, with separate entrance, is a separate house with a cozy sitting area with fireplace, dining area, full equipped kitchen, bathroom with shower and a bedroom with double bed. The colorful floor is made of polished cement and the lively decoration gives a joyful atmosphere at this lovely house. Terraces with fantastic views keep you in touch with the sea and the sky .This house is equipped with A/C, satellite TV and Wi-Fi.

Walk down the beach

The big plus of Villa Alkmene is the secluded rocky beach that is 20m under the Villa that is accessed through stone paved stairs. Nearby, there is a second beach, 80m distance, through a nature path.

How to reach Ios

From Athens by ferry (Piraeus and Rafina port): As there is no airport on the island, the only way to travel to Ios is by ferry. Boats and ferries to Ios depart from 2 ports in Athens, Piraeus and Rafina, from and to Ios Island. During the summer months, ferries to Ios run pretty frequently. There are normally about 2 to 3 ferries each day. It takes about 3 to 7 hours depending on which ferry to Ios you will choose.

The closest airport to Ios is located in Santorini. From there, visitors can reach Ios through regular ferry connections, especially during the summer season.

Explore the beautiful Island of Ios

Ios is part of the Cyclades group of islands in the Aegean Sea and lies between Santorini and Naxos. Well known for its unique nightlife, beautiful beaches and historical landmarks, Ios is a popular spot for tourists from all over the world. Although it is mostly famous as a youth destination, Ios Island has many places off the beaten track. Visitors love the traditional style of Chora and the sandy, crystal beaches. Holidays in Ios can be both peaceful and intense, depending on your preferences.

History of Ios

Various findings show that the history of Ios starts from the Prehistoric times. The island was originally inhabited by Careans, Pelageans, Achaeans and Phoenicians. Inscriptions, coins and some texts from ancient historians, among which Herodotus, testify that Ios is the birthplace of the mother (Klymeni) of the Greek epic poet Homer and in fact the great poet was buried there. This belief has become a great myth and an ancient site on the island side of the island is believed to be the tomb of Homer. In 1050 BC, the Ionians settled down in Ios. Various suppositions have been made about the origin of the name Ios. The most predominant and credible of all is that the island took its name from the Ionians. A second version supports that Ios owes its name to the many violets ("ion" in ancient Greek) that bloom on the island each spring. Ios Island due to its naturally protected harbour played a pivotal role as part of the maritime passages towards Crete. The First Cycladic settlement on the hills of Skarkos and other prehistoric smaller settlements found on the island can tell us a lot about that period in time.

Ios island then found itself under the influence of the Minoan and consecutively the Mycenaean civilization and culture. A very important marine expert population of the Mediterranean Sea, The Phoenicians, arrived on the island of Ios and stayed there until the 19th century BC. From around 534 BC, Ios Island started having to pay tax to the Athenians.

During the Classical and Hellenistic Periods Ios’ town had a strong and powerful position. Its decline began when the Romans took over and appointed the island for exiles. Its bad name carried on to the Byzantine years. A small derogation commenced during the times of the Duchy of Naxos but the abrupt invasion from the Ottoman Empire interrupted its recovery. Ios Island despite a not so powerful naval force was one of the first islands who raised proud the flag of the Greek Revolution in 1821. Ios island took part on the naval battle at Kousantasi on July 9th 1821, on the 2nd National Assembly at Astros in 1823 and its 3rd National Assembly at Troezen in 1827.

In the Modern Greek state Ios island remained a barren island whereas its low-numbered inhabitants struggled to survive from the small sized fertile patches of land, livestock-farming and from some small-time mining. Around the 70s though the island entered into a new era since it became more and more popular as a hot tourist holiday destination amongst the young European travellers. Today Ios holds its reputation high as a holiday spot for young people who want to have fun, has great tourist infrustructure, a well organized marina and a more than well-structured road network. All those elements place Ios Island at a very promising position for this new age.

Ios Beaches

• Mylopotas, 2 km south east of Chora, is a long and sandy beach that offers many tourism facilities and has a lot of beach bars along the coast. This is the most popular beach on Ios. The beach is sandy, organised, ideal for parties, windsurfing and water sports.

• Manganari, 19 km south east of Chora, is a charming bay on the southern side of the island with clean water and a relaxing ambience. This beach is far more quiet than the beaches close to Chora. The beach is sandy, family friendly, partly organized and nudism friendly.

• Agia Theodoti, 9 km north east of Chora, is a large and sandy spot, ideal for some relaxing moments in Ios. The beach took its name from the small chapel of Agia Theodoti that stands on a hill above the coast. The beach is sandy, family friendly, partly organized and nudism friendly.

• Gialos, 2 km east of Chora, is a very popular beach, although less popular than Mylopotas. It is large, clean and has golden sand. The beach is sandy, organised, family friendly, ideal for windsurfing and water sports.

• Koumbara, 3 km west of Chora, is a sandy beach that gets popular due to its natural beauty and the closeness to Chora. This is a developed tourist spot with many taverns and accommodation options around. The beach is sandy, family friendly, partly organized and nudism friendly.

• Kolitsani, 2 km south of Chora, is a small beach south of the port. This is a popular anchorage for sailing yachts. It is protected in all sides by rocky hills and green trees. The beach is sandy, non organised and nudism friendly.

• Kalamos, 10 km south east of Chora, is a beautiful and almost deserted beach on the south eastern side of the island. Its relaxing atmosphere provides a nice alternative to the busy resorts of Ios. It is sandy and non organized.

• Papa, 11 km south east of Chora, is an idyllic cove next to Kalamos. Papa beach distinguishes for its turquoise water, the golden sand and the isolate atmosphere. It is sandy and non organised.

• Psathi, 17 km east of Chora, is a calm beach resort on the eastern side of the island with some tourism development. It is ideal for family vacations. The beach is sandy and non organised.

• Plakoto, 13 km north of Chora, has a long sandy coast and crystal water. You will find no facilities there, thus it is important to take supplies with you. The beach is pebbled and non organised.

• Cape Karatzas, on the northern side of the island, is a very small cove with dark blue waters and pebbles on the seabed. There are no trees and tourist facilities in a large distance from Karatzas. The beach is pebbled and non organised.

• Diamoudia, 7 km north of Chora, is a secluded cove covered by sand and few large pebbles, while it is surrounded by rocky formations and little greenery. The beach is pebbled and non organised.

• Kambaki, 10 km north of Chora, is among the most secluded beaches on Ios. The unspoilt beach of Kambaki gives a lovely scenery with azure waters and peaceful atmosphere. The beach is pebbled and non organised.

• Loretzena, 5 km north of Chora, is a beautiful cove that has a small capacity and no tourist facilities. It provides remarkable views to the Aegean Sea and it is surrounded by rocky landscape. The beach is pebbled and non organised.

• Neraki, 12 km north east of Chora, is covered with sand and small pebbles and it is a perfect getaway with spectacular views to Paleokastro and Agia Theodoti. The beach is pebbled and non organised.

• Plakes, 12 km east of Chora, is a very beautiful and calm beach, on the secluded eastern side of Ios. It has clean water and soft golden sand. The beach is sandy and non organised.

• Tripiti, 20 km south of Chora. As there is no road going to Tripiti and visitors have to walk there from Manganari, the beach doesn’t get frequented. Most visitors come by boat from the sea. The beach is sandy and non organised.

• Tris Klisies, 20 km south east of Chora, is a beautiful beach on the southern part of Ios, on the road to Manganari. The beach is highly recommended for people who want their privacy. The beach is sandy, non organised and nudism friendly.

• Tzamaria, 3 km from Chora, has sandy shore and clean water, but it is not very frequented for swimming. It is more appropriate for snorkeling. The beach is pebbled and non organised.

• Valmas, 3 km south west of Chora, is in close distance to the port of Ios and Chora. However, it doesn’t get much frequented due to its rough landscape. The beach is pebbled, non organised and nudism friendly.

• Vathirema, 19 km east of Chora, is among the most private beaches in Ios. Vathirema is definitely a beautiful secluded cove solely used by naturists. The crystalline waters and golden sand of Vathirema are ideal for swimming and sunbathing. It is a sandy and non organised beach.

Gastronomy, Shopping and Nightlife

The nightlife scene in Ios is definitely one of the most stimulating in the Aegean. From the early evening, when the night is still young, the crowds swarm to the village’s restaurants and tavernas for dinner, and then head to bars and pubs, while there are night clubs, too, for those who want to dance the night away. There is always something for everyone in Ios, so after walk in the streets of Chora you will have spotted the place that suits you best. Next to Chora, the sea side settlement of Mylopotas Beach is also a favorite destination for dining in Ios which gathers a great number of Ios restaurants. Eat local delicacies by the beach in traditional restaurants or fish taverns while gazing at the endless blue sea or gourmet Mediterranean dishes in the most unique Ios restaurants!

There are a wide number of shops and local businesses operating on the island if Ios offering a wide selection of products and services. You find a great selection of souveniers, jewellery, clothing, handicrafts and much more. Because of the late nights, many shop owners choose to stay open until early morning.

Price per Rental Period

April 1 – June 16 € 4,375 per week
June 17 – July 18 € 6,475 per week
July 19 – August 31 € 8,575 per week
September 1 – September 22 € 6,475 per week
September 23 – October 31 € 4,375 per week

Villa's Policy

• Security Deposit: 800 €

• Daily maid service

• Vehicle rentals (optional service)

• Yacht / boat rentals (optional service)

• Helicopter / Learjet rentals (optional service)

• Pre-arrival shopping services (optional service)

• Child care (optional service)

• Chef / Battler (optional service)

• Massage and beauty treatments (optional service)

• Gourmet food and wine supply (optional service)

• Approval for rent and controlled by National Tourism Organization (EOT)