Violet Villas

  • 3 Guests

  • 1 Bedroom

  • 1 Bathroom

  • 1 Fully Equipped Kitchen

  • Dining Room

  • Living Room

  • Fully Air-Conditioned

  • High-Speed Wi-Fi Connection

  • LCD TV

The magical complex of Violet Villas

Located in Manolia, on the South-East Coast of Chios, Violet Villas is a beautiful complex of five similar, beautiful Villas. All maisonettes have been decorated with elegance and style, satisfying the highest expectations of the tenants for comfort and tranquillity.

Each Villa has one bedroom and one bathroom. Moreover you will find a fully equipped kitchen, a dining area and a living area with one sofa bed. The Villas are furnished with taste, style and quality furnishings. All Villas have exceptional views over the Aegean Sea.

Explore the cute Violet Villas

Violet Villas is a complex composed of five, 60sq.m, newly built Villas.

On the ground floor there is one bedroom with double bed or twin bed. In the bedroom the mattress, bed-mattress, pillows, bed linen and towels are all by COCO-MAT, a recognized leader for natural sleep products. Every maisonette has two private terraces, at the ground floor and at the upper floor. They both enjoy an amazing view of the sea.

At the upper floor there is a dining and sitting area and a fully-equipped kitchen with fridge, oven, Tassimo espresso machine and Corian solid surfaces.

Its features and facilities such as fully air-conditioned rooms and spaces, high speed wireless internet connection and led TV, compose the setting of joyful and revitalizing vacation.

... And don't forget... The soap and bathing products are from MastihaShop with natural mastic oil, a 100% natural product which contains an exceptionally large variety of therapeutic and aromatic constituents.

Enjoy your stay

Ayios Yiannis, the quite beach right underneath the complex, is waiting for you to create an ideal, luxurious atmosphere, so that you may have a relaxing and memorable vacation.

How to reach Chios

From Athens International Airport (ATH) to Chios Island National Airport (JKH): Chios National Airport, "Omiros" is located at the region of Kampos, south of the city of Chios. There are daily flights from Athens and the journey takes 45 minutes.

From Thessaloniki “Macedonia” Airport (SKG): There are almost daily flights from Thessaloniki. The average flying time for a direct flight from Thessaloniki is 1 hour.

Reach Chios by boat: There are ferries connecting Chios to Athens (Piraeus & Lavrio), Thessaloniki, Lesvos, Samos and Tsesme (in Turkey).

Explore the beautiful Island of Chios

Chios is located in the North East Aegean Sea. It is known as one of the most likely birthplaces of Homer, and also the ancient mathematicians Hippocrates and Enopides. Chios is a large, family island with relaxing atmosphere. Chios is famous for the Medieval villages, the mastic production, the numerous monasteries and the secluded beaches. A drive around the island will bring visitors to places of truly authentic beauty. Holidays in Chios is especially popular among families with kids. The island is very close to the Asia Minor coast, only 3,5 nautical miles from cape Pounta to Erythrea Inland in Cesme.

Chios is a mountainous island. A few valleys are formed in the south and east regions of the island. Pelineo Mountain overlooks the northern part of the island, with the highest peak, Profitis Helias, at 1.297 m. Chios Island is known for its picturesque landscape, and also for the Mediterranean climate, with mild winters and sparse rainfalls in the summer. The main local products are mastic, citrus fruits, olive oil, figs and wine. Chios mastic is a unique product. Apart from the local agricultural products, Chios is famous for its maritime tradition.

History of Chios

Tradition has it that the most valid story on the island’s name is the one about Chiona, the daughter of Oinopeonas (or Inopion), grandson of Minoas king of Crete, and son of Dionysus and Ariadne Source, the first king of the island; besides, it is also possible that the island has taken its name after Hios, the son of Poseidon. The cultural tradition of the island dates back to being Homer’s birthplace, who was indeed the most important Greek poet of all centuries. In fact, there is a rock in Vrontados village, called Daskalopetra, where Homer teached his poetry.

The first traces of inhabitants in the history of Chios date back to the Neolithic and Bronze Ages. During the 7th century BC, Chios, like Samos, excelled in arts and some of the best Greek sculptors of the time came from the School of Sculpture in Chios. During the naval Battle of Salamina, Chios joined the Persians. But during the Peloponnesian war, its inhabitants fought at the side of the Athenians and were under the control of Athens until 356 BC. After that, the island became independent and was not forced to pay the annual tribute to Athens anymore, which made it become prosperous. Chios then became part of the Roman Empire.

After the permanent division of the Roman Empire in 395 AD, Chios was for six centuries part of the Byzantine Empire. This came to an end when the island was briefly held (1090–97) by Tzachas, a Turkish bey in the region of Smyrna during the first expansion of the Turks to the Aegean coast. However, the Turks were driven back from the Aegean coast by the Byzantines aided by the First Crusade, and the island was restored to Byzantine rule by admiral Constantine Dalassenos. In the 14th century, the Genoese took the island and remained there until 1566, when Chios was recaptured by the Turks.

With the Greek revolution of 1821, the inhabitants of Chios were roused by Lykourgos Logothetis of Samos who led his army to fight a Turkish garrison. When the Sultan heard what happened, he sent his fleet in Chios to punish the inhabitants for participating in the revolution. On the 30th of March 1822, 7.000 Turk soldiers under the command of Kara Ali Pasha disembarked on Chios and slaughtered 25000 of its inhabitants and forced almost twice that number of people into slavery.On the night of June 6th 1822, Konstantinos Kanaris revenged for Chios massacre, by killing the Turkish Admiral Kara Ali Pasha. The massacre of Chios increased the sympathy of the rest of Europe and the growth of Philhellenism.

After the massacre, Victor Hugo wrote the wonderful poem Enfant de Chios and Delacroix painted Le Massacre de Chios, which can be admired in the Louvre Museum. The first refugees started to return to Chios in 1832. On the 22nd of March 1881, a disastrous earthquake destroyed the island, causing 6000 deaths, numerous damages and the destruction of many building in the capital. On the 11th of November 1912, the island of Chios was finally liberated and reunited with the newly built Greek State.

Chios’ Beaches

• Mavros Gialos, 28 km south west of Chios Town. Its name means "black beach" due to the black pebbles on the shore. It is considered the most beautiful beach on the island. It is a pebbled, family friendly, partly organized beach.

• Karfas, 10 km south of Chios Town, is a long and organized beach in close distance to Chios Town and the airport. This is the busiest tourist resort of the island.

• Vrondados, 4 km north of Chios Town, is a small, organized beach with pebbles on the shore and clean water.

• Agia Fotini, 15 km south of Chios Town, is a pebbled beach with a lovely family atmosphere. Some delicious taverns line the coast, which is partly organized.

• Trahili, 20 km west of Chios Town, is a lovely bay with crystal water.

• Didima, 32 km south west of Chios Town. Didima are two small coves close to Mesta village. Totally unorganized and secluded, this is a nice place for relaxation.

• Lithi, 20 km west of Chios Town, is a small cove with sandy shore and clean water. As it is not organized, this beach is usually isolate.

• Megas Limnionas, 30 km south west of Chios Town, is a popular beach close to the beach resorts of Agia Ermioni and Karfas. The water is crystal, but some parts of the shore can be rocky.

• Agia Irini, 30 km south west of Chios Town, is located close to the Medieval village of Mesta. It is totally unorganized and a nice place to enjoy some privacy.

• Apothyka, 38 km south west of Chios Town, is located close to Mesta, on the south western side of the island. It is a nice place for total isolation.

• Elinta, 20 km west of Chios Town, is a large secluded bay on the western side of the island. The closest village is Anavatos, while there are many other secluded beaches in the area.

• Gerita, 40 km north west of Chios Town, is a large and secluded bay on the western side of the island. It can be reached through a track road and the ambience is totally isolate there.

• Giali, 20 km west of Chios Town, is a small cove on the western side of Chios. Totally isolate, it needs about an hour trekking from Avgonyma to go to this beach.

• Lampsa, 40 km north west of Chios Town, is an isolate beach with clean water, close to the mountainous village of Volissos.

• Lefkathia, 42 km north west of Chios Town, is a popular and well-organized beach between Limnos and Limnia, on the north western side of the island.

• Limnos, 42 km north west of Chios Town, is a calm beach close to the beautiful village of Volissos, on the north western side of the island.

• Magemena, 40 km north west of Chios Town, is the most frequented beach close to Volissos, on the north western side of the island. It is actually a large cove with clean water.

• Managros, 40 km north west of Chios Town, is a calm and isolate beach on the north western side of Chios. It rarely gets crowded, even in high season.

• Merikounta, 40 km south west of Chios Town, is a secluded beach that can be reached through a track road from Mesta. Due to its isolate location and the windy atmosphere, it doesn’t get frequented at all.

• Metohi, 25 km north west of Chios Town, is a lovely bay with clean water. Due to its isolate location, it receives very few visitors.

• Papalia, 32 km north west of Chios Town, is an isolate beach between Anavatos and Sidirountas, on the western coast of the island.

• Prastia, 35 km north west of Chios Town, is a small and calm beach close to Sidirountas village, on the western side of Chios island. Many other secluded beaches can be found in the area.

• Tigani Makria Ammos, 20 km west of Chios Town, is a large, pebbled beach on the western side of the island. It is surrounded by lush greenery and high cliffs.

• Vroulidia, 35 km south west of Chios Town, is the southernmost spot of the island. It is a secluded beach surrounded by huge cliffs. It usually doesn’t get frequented.

• Daskalopetra, 5 km north of Chios Town, is a small beach close to Vrontados, a seaside village of Chios.

• Agia Markella, 40 km north west of Chios Town, is a small, rocky beach right beneath the monastery of Agia Markella. Visitors have to climb down a path to go there.


• Byzantine Museum: Housed in the 19th century Ottoman mosque in the central square of Chios Town, this museum was founded in 1980 and contains a collection of items and findings that have been discovered on the island and donated from private collections. Its exhibits date from the early Christian times till the 17th century.

• Maritime Museum: Located in a beautiful mansion in Chios Town, this interesting museum illustrates the long nautical history of the island. The museum includes paintings and models of ships that belonged to local sea fearers, photographs and many navigation tools.

• Justinian Museum: Justinian Museum (or Palataki) is housed in a historical building that dates from the 15th century AD. It houses Byzantine icons and frescoes and ecclesiastical items from the Venetian times.

• Folklore Museum: This folk art museum is located in the beautiful village of Pyrgi and it was founded by the cultural society "Adamantios Korais". It houses a rich collection of rural and agricultural tools, photographic and local press files and handicraft objects.

• Ecclesiastical Museum: This small museum is housed in an old cell in the Monastery of Nea Moni. It houses fine post-Byzantine icons, silver ecclesiastical works, embroideries and woven textiles.

Gastronomy and Nightlife

Chios is a blessed island. Its fertile ground combined with the mediterranean climate enable the cultivation of many, different high – quality products. The leading and most well known local product is the unique Mastic. It is solely produced in Chios, and its uses and products are multiple. Do not forget to get mastic products, before you leave Chios! Gums, ouzo, liqueurs, varieties of sweets, natural soaps and candles – the list of mastic products is aromatic and ever expanding. Chios also has a long tradition in wine and spirit making. Tens of family – run distilleries produce special ouzo, exquisite liqueurs and souma, a spirit made from figs. High quality wines are produced on the island, drawing from the long tradition of Ariousios Oinos, the famous wine of the ancient times. Chios is also an olive-producing island. The olive oil produced is mainly for family use, it is not normally traded. However, in the recent years there has been a rise in the interest for the production of a special kind of dried olive, called “throuba”. Chios is known for the exquisite varieties of its citrus fruits, especially the tangerine, which are produced in the Kampos of Chios. The decline of the citrus fruit trade has led the producers to specialise in sweets and marmalades made by their fruit produce.

Chios is a destination that will satisfy all tastes, when it comes to entertainment choices. Cafes, small taverns and restaurants, bars and night clubs offer a great range of entertainment, either for those seeking to relax or those who are determined to party. The port is the nightlife hot spot, as the majority of cafes, bars and restaurants are gathered there. Other nightlife hot spots are Karfas, Komi, Agia Fotia, Pyrgi, Volissos, Lagada, and Kardamyla, where you can enjoy the perfect combination of entertainment with the lovely environment. For food lovers and especially those who would like to discover local cuisine, fish taverns offering high quality dishes are to be found all over Chios. At Lagada, Katarraktis and Limnia in Volissos local fish taverns, the visitor will literally taste the sea in the dishes. For the all nighters, the town is recommended. There are clubs at a 2 to 4 kilometre distance from the centre, which are open until early in the morning. However, a lot of the cafes at the port also work as bars that are open until late at night.

Price per Rental Period

June 20 – July 19 € 630 per week
July 20 – August 2 € 780 per week
August 3 – August 20 € 880 per week
August 21 – September 19 € 630 per week

Villa's Policy

• Daily maid service

• Change of sheets & towels every three days

• Smoking is permitted only outside

• Pets are permitted only outside

• Kids friendly

• Approval for rent and controlled by National Tourism Organization (EOT)

• ΕΟΤ ΜΗΤΕ: 0312Κ91000252001