Our Philosophy

Having the Mediterranean sun warm your thoughts and feelings, tasting the salty breeze of the Aegean Sea, feeling the untouched beauty of a unique place surrounding you, gazing at the countless shades of the spectacular blue horizon.

This is what Greece is about.

Greece is much more than a country; it is a special experience that you have to live in the best way you desire. That’s what motivated us to embark on a journey, throughout the country, in search of the most traditional houses, modern mansions, renovated villas and holiday cottages with top of the range facilities and all the comforts you require. Our goal is to provide a unique and intimate nest for you, so you can fully enjoy your winter and summer days in The Land of Gods.

That is what Elysian is about.

Get in touch with us by simply stating when and where you wish to stay and we at Elysian Villas will take care of everything you need to make your holiday experience in Greece the best you’ve ever had, anywhere!

We look forward to welcoming you.

Elysian Villas